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The future of mobility

Specialising in next-generation services for all mobility markets, UNIO powers innovation through its enterprise-class, global coverage and seamless, always-on connectivity solutions.

We are focused on the elimination of network dead zones and the efficient bridging of space and terrestrial (e.g. 4G, 5G) networks for a cohesive and uninterrupted user experience.

Beyond basic connectivity, our solutions offer enterprise-class global coverage. Tailored for businesses on a global scale, we provide robust and reliable connectivity, facilitating seamless communication and operations across borders. Our commitment to enterprise-grade solutions supports the evolving demands of a connected world.

While 5G alone cannot deliver the promise of connected vehicles, UNIO is seamlessly bridging space and 5G networks to provide secure and always-on connectivity globally. This breakthrough solution promises a new era of digital applications, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of connectivity without compromise.

We're committed to eliminating network dead zones, delivering consistent and reliable connectivity across diverse environments. Our solutions overcome obstacles that cause interruptions, ensuring users stay connected wherever they are.

Our vision

We aim to create a connected world through advanced European technology. By seamlessly integrating space and 5G networks, we enable global always-on connectivity, promoting accessibility in ALL areas while leveraging satellite data. UNIO is committed to a future where European innovation fosters worldwide connectivity and sustainable development.

The Executive Team

Our team is built on industry experts who uniquely combine decades of space telecommunications expertise, united by a European vision to transform global connectivity.

Katrin Bacic


Frederic C. Baker


The Board

We are supported by a committee of Board members who are involved in strategic decisions, monitor management and determine the company's direction.

Bulent Altan

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Xavier Bertrán

Non Executive Director

Stella Guillen

Non Executive Director

Walter Ballheimer

Non Executive Director

Joachim Horwath

Non Executive Director

The Partners

As a joint venture, UNIO is the only European company combining the expertise of leading space players from all core areas crucial to providing all-in-one connectivity solutions.


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