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UNIO connects the agricultural sector by bridging 5G and satellite networks for always-available connectivity, offering unprecedented visibility, automation, control and operational efficiency for farmers and farming enterprises globally.

UNIO Move is a turnkey connectivity solution enabling next-generation digital applications for high-value mobile assets in agriculture by offering key features designed to address the unique needs of agricultural enterprises:

UNIO Move facilitates self-operated machinery and robots that can perform targeted interventions based on connected-sensor data, GPS data, and imagery analysis, aiming to optimise resource usage, reduce labour requirements, and boost yield through more precise and individualised interventions.

UNIO Move ensures smart equipment management through prescriptive maintenance and real-time environmental adjustments. By implementing these practices, farm equipment and assets' performance is improved, and their useful life is extended, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Automation in planting, harvesting, and monitoring processes is facilitated, reducing manual intervention and improving overall productivity. UNIO Move empowers farmers to embrace modern agricultural practices that enhance efficiency. 

UNIO Move ensures seamless connectivity from the field to the cloud, enabling real-time capture, transmission, and analysis of critical data for precision farming. Farmers can optimise resource usage, improve crop yields, and achieve full-crop cycle automation by utilising precise position information, sensor data, and vehicle data.

UNIO Move empowers farmers with advanced analytics and automation, facilitating operational optimisation. Real-time data analysis enables informed decision-making, allowing farmers to optimise resource usage, reduce waste, and maximise agricultural process efficiency.

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