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A turnkey solution that seamlessly bridges 5G and satellite networks, ensuring constant global connectivity for services, vehicles, and applications.

UNIO Move is set to redefine the landscape of digital operations, representing the industry's first integrated turnkey data services solution, bridging the longstanding connectivity gap between 5G and satellite networks.  

What sets UNIO Move apart is its innovative, industry's first software - the smartest switch that seamlessly integrates 5G and space connectivity. This breakthrough solution promises a new era of digital applications, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of connectivity without compromise.

UNIO Move's innovation extends beyond technology to its delivery model, offering a turnkey B2B solution as a service, shaping the future of digital operations in all mobility sectors.  

Multi-Network: SAT - 5G/6G - WiFi - LoRa

With a primary focus on enhancing visibility, efficiency, control and automation, UNIO Move offers key features designed to address the unique needs of the mobility sector:

UNIO Move establishes seamless connectivity and data flow from the edge (where assets and operations are situated) to the cloud. This end-to-end visibility ensures that critical data is captured, transmitted, and analysed in real-time, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions promptly.

UNIO Move is designed to integrate with existing enterprise IT systems – unlocking the value of large enterprise ERP investments. By connecting with established IT infrastructure, businesses in logistics and agriculture can streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency through a cohesive and interconnected digital ecosystem. 

UNIO Move presents cutting-edge analytics and automation features, empowering enterprises across the broader mobility sector to uncover avenues for operational enhancement. For logistics providers, UNIO Move facilitates the streamlining of supply chain operations, minimising delays, and boosting overall efficiency. Similarly, in agriculture, it fosters precision farming methods, optimising resource allocation, increasing crop yields, and enabling automation throughout the entire crop cycle.

UNIO Move facilitates real-time data analysis, allowing businesses to gain insights into their operations as events unfold. This capability is particularly crucial in dynamic industries where quick decision-making is essential for maintaining competitiveness and responsiveness to market demands.

UNIO Move opens avenues for automation across various sectors of the mobility industry. Through the utilization of real-time data and analytics, enterprises can streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks, thereby minimising manual labour and boosting efficiency. Whether in logistics or agriculture, automation holds promise for optimising processes such as route planning, planting, harvesting, and monitoring, leading to enhanced productivity and performance.

UNIO Move's innovation extends beyond the smart switching software to its delivery model, offering a turnkey B2B solution as a service to two key industries, both undergoing significant digital transformations:

Agriculture - UNIO Move supports precision farming, addressing the evolving needs of the agriculture sector as it embraces smart farm management with autonomous machines and teleoperated driving.

Transport & Logistics - UNIO Move offers seamless integration with complex ERP systems, providing real-time data monitoring and tracking for assets and cargo in the logistics industry. This is particularly crucial for transporting high-value goods such as vaccines, medical products, currency, or animals. 


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