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The Problem

When connectivity infrastructure is critical, spotty internet coverage and connectivity gaps are an enormous problem. 5G alone cannot deliver future mobility.

Users face frequent dead zones and unreliable coverage, disrupting seamless communication. Connectivity gaps persist across diverse environments, hindering consistent connectivity.

5G excels in dense urban areas, while satellite networks perform better in rural regions. Integrating these technologies seamlessly is essential for achieving comprehensive global coverage tailored to users' varying geographical needs.

The lack of an effective solution to integrate terrestrial and space networks leads to incomplete global coverage. Our goal is to address this gap by delivering a solution that ensures uninterrupted connectivity across all regions, surpassing limitations imposed by existing network infrastructure.

The Solution

UNIO is closing the connectivity gaps by seamlessly bridging 5G and space networks. We are responding to the connectivity demand by investing in innovative solutions for:

UNIO powers advanced network integration techniques to eliminate dead zones and ensure uninterrupted communication across all environments. Our tailored solutions enhance connectivity in rural areas, leveraging a combination of terrestrial and satellite networks for optimal coverage.

We are investing in cutting-edge network infrastructure technologies, such as UNIO Move, to overcome existing limitations and deliver seamless and always-on connectivity worldwide.

UNIO is responding to the growing emphasis on sustainability, creating B2B solutions to promote environmentally conscious practices in the mobility sector. UNIO's advanced technologies support route optimisation, fuel consumption reduction, and implementation of eco-friendly technologies. Through these innovative solutions, UNIO empowers businesses to achieve sustainable growth by optimising operational costs, minimising environmental impact, and fostering a greener future for the mobility sector.

We eliminate connectivity dead zones by seamlessly bridging space and 5G networks.


A turnkey solution that seamlessly bridges 5G and satellite networks to provide ubiquitous, always-on connectivity for services, vehicles and applications.

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UNIO LEO Constellation

We are not just enhancing connectivity, we're redefining it by creating Europe’s first commercial Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation backed by leading space partners.

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