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Press Release: UNIO Enterprise Introduces UNIO Move: Revolutionising Connectivity for Transport & Logistics and Agriculture 

Munich, March 20, 2024 - UNIO Enterprise, a pioneering German newspace startup, announces a significant breakthrough in connectivity solutions with the launch of UNIO Move. Set to redefine the landscape of digital operations, UNIO Move represents the industry's first integrated turnkey data services solution, bridging the longstanding connectivity gap between 5G and satellite networks.

“UNIO Move is breaking the 15-year connectivity barrier by seamlessly bridging space and earth. This integration marks a pivotal moment in enabling next-generation digital applications and ensuring always-on connectivity for vehicles and high-value mobile assets across the globe.” Katrin Bacic, CEO UNIO

What sets UNIO Move apart is its innovative, industry's first software - the smartest switch that seamlessly integrates 5G and space connectivity. This breakthrough solution promises a new era of digital applications, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of connectivity without compromise. UNIO Move's innovation extends beyond technology to its delivery model, offering a turnkey B2B solution as a service, shaping the future of digital operations in all mobility sectors. 

UNIO Move's primary target markets include Transport & Logistics and Agriculture, both undergoing significant digital transformations. By providing unprecedented levels of edge-to-cloud visibility, UNIO Move empowers these industries with enterprise IT systems integration, operational efficiency, real-time data analysis, and automation, thereby lowering operational costs and enhancing productivity.  

Powered by a robust CPU platform, UNIO Move facilitates AI applications at the edge, ensuring future-proof integration of advanced technologies. The access to GNSS, OBD-II data, and other sensor telemetry unlocks numerous potential applications such as fleet management and predictive maintenance via health data analysis. Its versatility is further exemplified by the ability to incorporate external sensors using common protocols and bus systems, and power third-party applications through seamless connectivity via Ethernet and Wi-Fi.  

The first UNIO Move commercial pilot project will take place in April, followed by the market roll-out in Q3 this year.  

About UNIO Enterprise 

Founded in Munich in 2022, UNIO Enterprise is a German newspace startup specialising in next-generation connectivity services for all mobility markets. As a joint venture of IABG, Isar Aerospace, Reflex Aerospace, Mynaric, OHB SE and SES, UNIO combines expertise to provide all-in-one connectivity solutions, focused on eliminating network dead zones and bridging space and 5G networks seamlessly.


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